UCAC Committees

All UCAC members, including contractors and associates, are welcome and encouraged to join a committee.  Getting involved at the Committee level provides members the opportunity to get to know fellow members on a different level, contribute to the growth and success of UCAC and the industry and take a step toward a seat on the UCAC Board of Directors.

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Scholarship Committee

Description: Members of the Scholarship Committee assist in fundraising efforts for the UCAC Scholarship Fund, help develop criteria for Scholarship Applications, market the Scholarships and Scholarship Fundraising efforts and events, evaluate Scholarship Applicants, make recommendations to the full UCAC Board of Directors on Scholarship Awards and assist in planning and running the Scholarship Dinner and Scholarship Auction. Members of this Committee help in the sale of raffle tickets or other items that benefit the Scholarship Fund and assist in recruiting additional volunteers for the Committee.

2022 Scholarship Awards Dinner

Barb Dimauro, UCAC (Co-Chair)
David Duff, Suburban Sanitation (Co-Chair)
Kirby Bombard, Ferguson
Dwight Burnham, H.O. Penn
Brent McCartney, CTECS
Kevin Plourde, D&G Contractors

Virtual Meetings
Feb 7, 2023
April 4, 2023

In-Person Meetings
June 7, 2023

Scholarship Dinner July 19, 2023
Scholarship Auction Nov 4, 2023

Recruitment & Retention Committee

Description: Members of the Recruitment & Retention Committee assist in identifying, recruiting and retaining contractor and associate members.  Members look for opportunities to bring on new members and keep the Executive Director updated on prospects by evaluating their competition, vendors and peers they meet.  Members assist in onboarding new UCAC members by reaching out, visiting with them at events and getting to know them and look for ways for UCAC to grow the membership.  Members attend UCAC events with an eye toward inviting prospecting members, making new members feel welcome and spending extra time with members as needed.  Members may be asked to participate in phone-a-thons, to promote UCAC at their offices and on social media and in person.  Members highlight their affiliation with UCAC on their social media pages, websites and email signatures and set a good example to the rest of the group about how to be a great member. Members attend our “invitational” events, assisting in planning, set up, execution and break down as well as follow ups to prospective members.

UCAC 2022 Spring Invitational

Evan Bradley, Badger
Barb Dimauro, UCAC
Matt LaDuke, W.I. Clark
Mike Masiarz, Barry Equipment
Bob Nason, Able Tool

Virtual Meetings
Jan 18, 2023
Apr 19, 2023
Aug 23, 2023
Oct 18, 2023

In-Person Meetings
UCAC Invitationals TBD


Safety Committee

Description: The Safety Committee is tasked with developing the UCAC Safety programs including training, Trench Safety Stand Downs and celebrating local/statewide/national safety days.  Members assist the Executive Director in building out safety offerings for members including virtual programs, training events and website resources.  Members help UCAC make the most of NUCA offerings and other opportunities to provide the most to our members.  The Safety Committee may create partnerships with other organization and for-profit companies to expand UCAC member benefits in the areas of Safety and Training and will plan in-person training events such as Crew Leader, Competent Person, Confined Space and Train the Trainer.  The Safety Committee will work to ensure that all outward facing images, articles and information adhere to safety standards.

Victor Serrambana, Jr., P.E., VMS Construction (Chair)
Stu Bennett, Mizzy Construction
Glenn Korner, Midstate 
Sara Mimoso, Garrity Asphalt
George Papanicolaou, United Rentals

David Stavens, Barber Utilities

Virtual Meetings
Feb 7, 2023
May 10, 2023
Sept 6, 2023

Trench Safety Stand Down Week June 19-23, 2023

Awards & Recognition Committee

Description: The Awards & Recognition Committee expanded our recognition program in 2023 as a way to shine a spotlight on professionals and companies in the UC industry who are excelling, making a difference and setting an example.  Members met early in 2023 to develop award categories, criteria and awards as well as plan collection of entries and an awards event to be held on Saturday, June 17th in conjunction with the UCAC Annual Meeting. Members assisted in the marketing of the awards and the planning and execution of the event and oversaw the development of all applications, marketing materials and PR.  This group will continue these efforts in the years to come.

2021 Associate of the Year, Greg Hurlburt

Barb Dimauro, UCAC (Co-Chair)
Kevin Plourde, P.E.,
D&G Contractors (Co-Chair)
Nick Davidson, Indeco
Bob Dolan, Tenna
Mike Metayer, Metayer Bonding
Pete Rose, Talcott View Development

Virtual Meetings
Jan 10, 2023
Jan 24, 2023
Feb 28, 2023
March 21, 2023

In Person Meeting
May 9, 2023

In Person Event
Awards Gala June 17, 2023

Past President’s Club

Description: UCAC is lucky to have a group of dedicated, engaged Past Presidents who provide input and historical information to the staff and board of directors.  Our Active Past Presidents meet a couple times each year and are invited to attend UCAC events and meetings.  Their knowledge and experience helps us stay connected to the past while forging ahead.

Past Presidents Brien Balavender, David D. Ambrose and Bill Dufford with Former UCAC Executive Director John Barrasso at the UCAC 50th Anniversary Celebration in 2021

David C. Ambrose, Wethersfield Construction
David D. Ambrose, Wethersfield Construction
Brien Balavender, B&J Construction
John Barrasso, Retired & Happy
William Dufford, Riverview Farms
Stanley Mierzejewski, Mizzy Construction
Kevin Plourde, P.E., D & G Contractors
Victor M. Serrambana, Jr., P.E., VMS Construction
John Vasel III, JVIII Construction

The Past Presidents Meet When They Want, Where They Want, For As Long As They Want.

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