UCAC Gratefully Accepts Donations in Support of the Scholarship Fund

Monetary donations to the UCAC Scholarship Fund are accepted at any time. UCAC is currently working toward 501(c)(3) status for the Scholarship Foundation so that contributions will be tax deductible and eligible for matching programs. UCAC participates in Giving Day as well. 100% of all monetary donations goes directly into the Scholarship Fund for awards to scholarship recipients.

Members may also make donations of items to be used in raffles and auctions to raise money for the UCAC Scholarship Fund.  Members have donated heavy equipment replicas, stays at vacation rental properties, sports and other event tickets, dining experiences and more.  100% of all funds raised from donated items goes directly into the UCAC Scholarship Fund for awards to scholarship recipients.

Donations of your time and talents are also appreciated

UCAC Members who participate on the Scholarship Committee assist in raising funds and collecting items from businesses and members for use in raffles and in the Scholarship Auction.  We welcome new members who want to give back, contribute to workforce development and be part of an active, fun group.