UCAC has been affiliated with the National Utility Contractors Association (NUCA) for many years.  There are currently over 30 chapters of NUCA operating across the country.  Based near the Capitol in Fairfax, Virginia, NUCA is the leading trade association working solely for the utility and excavation industry in the United States.  NUCA’s core purpose is to improve the operational proficiency and financial performance of its member companies by providing services that focus on shared industry issues.  NUCA also works to secure more funding for America’s aging underground infrastructure.  Founded in 1964, NUCA is the driving force for improving conditions in the utility construction and excavation industry, both for open-cut and trenchless contractors.

UCAC is thriving because of the combined efforts locally and at the national level.  The UCAC board of directors works closely with our professional staff, committees, partners and supporters here in Connecticut with the full backing of NUCA’s national office.  UCAC’s affiliation with NUCA allows us freedom to operate our local chapter with the issues, people and unique needs of Connecticut contractors in mind while also having the backing, resources and buying power of a national association.

The Member Benefits that NUCA has initiated in the past few years have led to a healthy increase in membership across the country as contractors learn about the savings and resources available.  In addition, NUCA’s investment in Government Affairs; Education, Training and Safety; Recognition; Workforce Development; Public Relations and Events provide our Connecticut Chapter with a suite of offerings that we can not provide on a local level.

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