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February 2, 2024
12:00 - 1:30 PM

“Leadership & Management in Construction”

Presented by Dan Bubniak, Outpace Enterprises

Attendance is free to all construction professionals, registration is required.  Zoom link will be sent the day prior to the event.

Most business owners are constantly playing defense with their business. Reacting to events as they happen rather than driving them. In many instances, the business owns them, not the other way around.

Getting control over your construction business requires getting strong in six areas: 

  1. Vision: Getting everyone in your organization 100% on the same page with where you’re going and how you plan to get there
  2. People: Getting the Right People in the Right Seats
  3. Data: Making decisions off of objective facts and figures (not egos, opinions, and emotions) 
  4. Issues: Knocking down big important problems, at the root, consistently
  5. Process: Doing the most important things, the best and right way every time
  6. Traction: Instilling accountability and discipline throughout the company so that everyone executes on your vision, every day

In this presentation, we will discuss tools and disciplines to build strength in each of the six key areas of your business. You will walk away with multiple actionable steps to build a better business starting tomorrow. 

NUCA Webinars

Understanding Prevailing Wage in Construction Projects Presented by Beneco

Are you either considering or starting a prevailing wage project in the future? Understanding prevailing wage and the Davis-Bacon Act is not always easy. NUCA’s National Partner Beneco and NUCA are hosting this free webinar for members where you will learn the ins-and-outs of prevailing wage regulations and how it can benefit your company.

Learn the rules from our expert, Jason Sperflage, and find out how to streamline the process and even save some money through unique employee benefits, compliance services, and HR solutions. Jason Sperfslage, Sales Director at Beneco, has been with Beneco for more than five years and is passionate about finding solutions to simplify complicated processes for clients while saving them money.

NUCA Advantage’s New 401k Option:  Boost Your Company’s Competitiveness

Your NUCA Advantage program is now offering a new 401k retirement plan option to its members. Our benefits partner Memberfy will through this webinar how this plan will make your company more competitive in a tight labor market. Our tailored webinar will explain how easy it is to begin using a 401k retirement plan option in your business, retain your employees, and give them and their family a future resource stream.

NUCA Advantage – A Suite of Member Business Benefits Sponsored by NUCA Advantage/Memberfy

Is your company taking full advantage of NUCA’s biggest benefit offered to all of our members? Learn more about NUCA Advantage’s new partner, Memberfy, and the benefits it can deliver to your bottom line.

Construction Technology and The Coming Tide in Equipment Management Sponsored by Tenna

Presented by Tenna’s Russ Young, participants in NUCA’s September webinar will hear lessons learned from 1,200 construction companies on construction technology and equipment management, and learn how the construction industry and construction tech can partner up to best serve utility contractors.

Prioritize and Destigmatize Mental Health in the Construction Industry Sponsored by HUB International

With suicide rates the highest among industries, the construction industry faces a full-blown epidemic. The problem is exacerbated by a “tough guy” culture with a stigma around discussing mental health. As a construction employer, it is critical to create a supportive environment with resources openly available and known to help employees in need. Join HUB’s Health & Performance and Risk Management professionals to learn how you can take action to improve the mental well-being of your workers, and make an impact with your people, communities and industry. You’ll learn about HUB’s Mental Health S.O.S. Manager training, utilizing HUB’s  S.O.S. methodology, which focuses on Signals, Outreach and Support.


  • What is Mental Health S.O.S.?
  • Why train for mental health in the workplace?
  • How to eradicate the stigma
  • Signals: How do mental health issues present in the workplace?
  • Outreach: How to approach an employee – the legal and practical considerations
  • Support: What tools and resources are available to help?